The 2nd Inverness Soup: A Summary

The 2nd Inverness Soup was even bigger & better than the first! Here is a summary of the projects pitching & those who helped..


Ness Book Fest

The first pitch was given by Barbara Henderson of Ness Book Fest, who held their first event only last year. The festival has a wonderful fresh approach, holding workshops & events across the city. All events are free to attend & combine books, writing, art & music. Barbara told the audience that they hope to bring the festival to a wider audience this year, with the specific aim of taking authors & performers to places such as care homes & prisons in an outreach capacity.

If you are interested in attending, or supporting, this wonderful event, visit the Ness Book Fest website here. The 2017 festival will take place the 5th – 8th of October.

Mikey’s Line

Mikey’s Line were the second group to pitch, and they were also the night’s winners! The project walked away with the £400 pot of door takings. The confidential text line supports young people seeking help for mental health, bullying & addiction. They were seeking funding for a new programme called ‘Mikey’s Mates’ which aims to train local 5th year pupils to identify others who may benefit from emotional support. They hope to launch a pilot scheme with the money from the night!

If you are interested in supporting the project, or think you could benefit from the service, please visit the Mikey’s Line website here. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ron at

Arts in Merkinch (AiM)

Next up was Arts in Merkinch (AiM), who are an Inverness based charity promoting & delivering arts activity in the area. Aim’s two community spaces, The Bike Shed & The Clay Studio, are on Grant Street. Both conduct classes, workshops, exhibitions & festivals surrounding the arts. In addition to arts participation, the services are designed to alleviate loneliness, encourage community ownership & increase self-reliance. AiM pulled four of their groups together to pitch for funding for a communal Emergency First Aid course. This would ensure safely of participants & act as important skills development for the volunteers.

If you would like to get involved with AiM, or would like to know more about the service, visit the Arts in Merkinch website here.

TruUnity Dance

The final project of the night came from the amazingly talented TruUnity Dance group. They brought a smile to everyone’s faces as they pitched for funding to produce a dance video. They hope to work with a local camera man to create a video showcasing their talent as well as giving young members work experience in film, dance & crew production.

If you or someone you know is interesting in helping with this video project, please visit the TruUnity Dance Facebook Page.

In addition to the groups who pitched, Inverness Soup would like to give a big THANK YOU to the following people…

SPECTRUM CENTRE THEATRE – With more people than ever at our event, the Spectrum Centre hosted us brilliantly. The atmosphere was one of great community spirit & almost every feedback form expressed how delicious the soup was!

JAMES MACKENZIE – We were once again graced with James’s presence after he kindly stepped in last minute when our booked artist fell ill. He was once again a total hit & a life-saver on the night!

Check out James at:

PETER CHAMPOU – Big thanks to Peter Champou who provided the evening’s refreshments!

SPONSORS –  As Inverness Soup is a non-profit organisation, we cannot put on events without the generosity of our wonderful sponsors. Our second event was sponsored by Highland Home Cares, Highland Whole FoodsMaggie & Suzi Boutique, & Innes & Mackay. Additional thanks goes out to the many who gave raffle prizes, especially Capability Brown who was especially generous.

DUNCAN MEECHAN – Special thanks to Duncan who once again took fantastic photos of the evening. You can see these in our gallery post. You can see more of Duncan’s work here.

VOLUNTEERS – We would like to extent our gratitude to all the volunteers who helped along the way. Without you the event could not have gone ahead and the community spirit you all displayed is what the Soup movement is all about!

YOU – Finally, we would like to thank our wonderful audience, without whom the night would not have been such a success! We hope to see you all at our next event!


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