What is a ‘Soup’?

Inverness Soup is not a soup kitchen, it’s a night out. Listen to people tell you about their project and how it can benefit our community. After all the pitches are finished, you discuss each one over a community dinner of delicious soup! After dinner, you vote for your favourite and the pitch with the most votes walks away with ALL the door takings in order to fund their project. Soup is an innovative, fun and democratic way to have a say in what happens in our community!

Our hopes for Inverness Soup

This live, micro-crowdfunding revolution is spreading all over the world, from Detroit to Stirling, and each one is different from the last. The very idea of the Soup is to create a welcoming, safe and constructive space for people to share their ideas and improve our community. In Inverness, it is important to us that we make a bit of a night of it! We even aim to have exciting local musicians so you can squeeze in a bit of dancing before you leave. We welcome ALL AGES, ALL BACKGROUNDS AND ALL IDEAS (as long as they benefit our community in some way).

Other Soups

  • Detroit Soup is the original and biggest Soup there is. This has become the model for all others. We were so impressed by the simplicity, flexibility & ethos of the event that we were inspired to start one here. To learn more, watch this BBC documentary.
  • Edinburgh Soup, the first in Scotland, has already run seven packed nights!
  • Stirling Soup’s nights have been sold out and look forward to their 4th event.
  • And there’s more!….https://www.facebook.com/aberdeensoup/   https://www.facebook.com/caithnesssoup/ and  https://www.facebook.com/MoraySOUP/

All soups are different. While Inverness Soup welcomes a wide variety of projects, some are more specific.

Devenport Soup specifically helps fund artists & art projects. Birmingham Soup is a family event in the daytime, while Edinburgh Soup has puts on a real show of local bands and talent.

If you want to come along, discuss, learn, eat & have fun then follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what is going on.

Thinking about pitching? Visit our ‘Why pitch?‘ page.

Want to volunteer or offer your services? Visit our ‘We need YOU‘ page.

You can also contact us at invernesssoup@gmail.com with any questions.