1. Who can to apply to pitch for the pot of money raised at a Soup event?           Anyone.. Individuals, Groups, Social Enterprises, Businesses, Co-ops, Charities or Campaigners! No age restrictions. There is no need to be a formal organisation.
  2. What kind of projects can apply to pitch?                                                                               As long as it benefits the community then projects can be about any subject eg Environment, Music, Art, Sport, Health, Social Justice,  Urban Agriculture,  Culture, Education, etc etc….
  3. What can the money be spent on?                                                                                           Whatever is needed, materials, training, transport, skills, promotions, research, rent etc… We have no rules about what the money can be used for!
  4. Can people ask for other things apart from money when pitching?                                 Yes, We encourage people to ask for anything they may be looking for eg, Volunteers, Sponsors, Materials, Donations, Training, Publicity, etc
  5. How are the projects selected?                                                                                                   Inverness Soup volunteers will select the projects. Apart from ensuring they fulfil the application rules we will select diverse projects so as to involve as much of the community as possible.
  6. How does the pitching work?                                                                                                     Pitch order is drawn just before the start, each pitch has a maximum of four minutes to tell us what they are about, how it benefits the community and how the money will be used. The audience will have up to four minutes to ask questions after each pitch. After all the pitches,the audience, volunteers and pitchers will vote on which pitch they want the money to go to. No technology can be used during the pitch.
  7. How is the money raised?                                                                                                           The audience, pitchers, and volunteers ALL pay a minimum donation of £5 for soup and a vote. We pay for costs by local business support. ALL the door money goes to the winning pitch!
  8. What are the application rules?                                                                                                 1. The project must be small enough that our funds make a real difference.                 2. It must have a community benefit.                                                                                       Thats it! Application forms are straight forward and restricted to one side of an A4 sheet.
  9. Do we announce who is pitching prior to the event?                                                            No, we do not.                                                                                                                         Pitchers selected are free to let people know and encourage them to attend the event but we will not. The idea of that is firstly because if people know they may make a decision to attend (or not!) based on whether or not they are interested in the groups pitching. We hope to increase the community awareness of what is happening and introduce them to new projects and issues. Secondly, we want people to come in with an open mind and not have already decided who they will vote for.
  10. How much money is raised?                                                                                                       The pot of money is raised from the crowd, as it is a live audience we can’t say until the event is underway.   All the door money goes to the winning pot
  11. What does it cost to get in to a Soup?                                                                                   We keep the entry fee very low, at minimum donation £5 so as to be as inclusive as possible. People are encouraged to pay more if they can afford it.