Why pitch?

Do you have an idea for a project or business that has local community benefit?

Do you need start-up help?

Or does your existing project need support?

If you answered yes to any of the above then Inverness Soup would like to hear from you!

All you need to do is explain to the room what your project/idea is, what you would do with the money and how it will benefit the community. You then grab a bowl of soup, listen to some local music and generally have fun. At the end of the night, once everyone has voted, the winning pitch gets all the money on the door. Simple.

Other benefits

The money isn’t the only reason you should pitch your idea. Here are some others:

  • Networking – The opportunity to access new networks, new relationships and open doors to collaboration. Tap into the many networks of people that are in our community.
  • An audience – Spread the word about your project to a new, supportive audience & raise your profile in the community.
  • Volunteers – Many projects gain volunteers from the Soup, even if they don’t win!
  • DonationsAgain, even if you don’t win, many projects gain donations on, and after, the night.
  • Advertising – The pitched projects will be advertised on social media & may feature in press releases. It’s a great advertising opportunity!
  • Feedback – Presenting at the Soup allows you to gauge opinion & discuss your ideas with others. You could gain valuable feedback and develop ideas.
  • No restrictionsThere are no restrictions on what can be pitched and no age restrictions. In fact, only three rules apply…


  •  No technology can be used in a pitch
  • The prize money must make a real difference to the project
  • The project must be in Inverness and/or the immediate surrounding area.
Anyone can pitch and we encourage people from all walks of life to have a go! You can even pitch in a pair or in a group if you would prefer.

If you are interested in pitching please contact Fiona at invernesssoup@gmail.com with your name, contact details and idea.

We have room for 3-5 pitches on the night. Pitches will be shortlisted by Inverness Soup. We ask winning pitches to return to the following Soup & explain how the money helped their project.